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True Performance Copper, LLC 

Copper-Infused Compression Wraps 
by Equine Copper

A Horse, even though large and strong, is

susceptible to various ailments, just like we are.

For years, active people have benefited from the introduction of compression techniques and copper in their lifestyle to assist their body's natural method of healing and/or maintaining better health.

Knowing this, Equine Copper has created a variety of products for your horse, so they can experience the same benefits we do.




  • Supportive relief from daily aches & pains

  • Aids in joint & muscle recovery from overtraining

  • Compressive material provides soothing warmth

  • Improves muscle & joint performance

  • Enhances performance & recovery while relieving pain from muscle stiffness/soreness

  • Reduces joint pain/stiffness translating into more freedom of movement & joint flexibility.

  • Improves collection.

  • Increases suppleness.

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  • Proper growth of tissue. 

  • Improved health of connective tissue. 

  • Increased energy production. 

  • Reduced symptoms of arthritis, by its anti-inflammatory actions. 

  • Quick wound healing by increasing red blood cell formation which increases oxygen delivery. 

  • Reduces joint pain/stiffness translating into more freedom of movement and joint flexibility. 

  • It is vital to building strong tissue and producing energy in cells.

  • Keeping blood oxygen levels flowing to muscles is important for maximum performance. The more oxygen the cells have, the better they function. 

  • During exercise, lactic acid is produced, and if not removed, it can contribute to muscle soreness and decreased ability to perform at maximally.

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